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Services We Offer

16 Bit color digitizing service

You don't have a digital file containing your work? Not a problem. It is important to start with an excellent representation of your work. To acheive that, we use some of the latest technologies to photographically capture your images and prepare them for printing. This service includes an 8x10 proof of an image so that we mutually agree on the colors of your images prior to printing them.

Color correction,cleaning & image sharpening

When you provide us with an image that is ready to print it may still need some final preperation prior to printing. Dust on your camera lens, will show when your images are enlarged. Lower resolution images may not hold together when they are resized to your specifications. Depending on how you digitally captured your image, the lighting conditions used in your process may effect unintentionally the output.

We can correct for the afformentioned situations providing you with a product both you and your customers will enjoy for many years to come. After we make our corrections we will provide a proof for you to approve prior to printing your final image.

print services

We utilize state of the art printing technologies coupled with archival inks, papers and topcoats that provide vibrant long lasting images. We print on a varity of surfaces and will work with you to select the right ones for your work.

Size doesn't matter. Our Raster Image Processing (RIP) software can help us print any size. From small 8x10 to wall murals, it will masterfully allow us print sectional parts of an image so they can be reassemble back into a final product. Using RIP software helps us reproduces subtle tonal changes in your images without loosing them in the final output.

We print to many surfaces (substrates) providing you with new opportunities for the sales of your work. Whether you are showing your work in a gallery or displaying it at a art fair, we can provide carefully mastered banners to draw attention to your work. We also offer other materials like, back lit film, canvas and wall paper, just to mention as few. We want you to expand your portfolio by having a variety of substrates you can offer to your clients.