We Offer a LARGE selection of printable Media

HahnemuhlE Fine Art Papers
  • Photo rag 308 - Archival
  • Museum Etching - Archival
  • Torchon - Archival
Epson Paper
  • P1ezo Pro Archival Canvas
  • Mat Heavy Weight
IJ Technologies
  • Banner Material
  • Backlit Material
  • Wall Paper
  • Vinyl - Adhesive Backed
The Possibilities are endless!
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We offer archival papers & canvas

We haven chosen archival print media for you to deliver the highest quality products available today. Our ARCHIVAL media has been tested by an independent testing firm WILHELM RESEARCH and represents some of the finest print materials available today.

Included in the price, we use a topcoat on our canvases elevated to deliver UV protection while also providing a water resistant surface.

We recommend using archival mats and Conservation Reflection Control or Museum Glass for all paper prints.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Our goal is to make you a customer for life.

By delivering a Great Product while providing excellent services like:

  • we hope to fulfill all of your needs.

    Call us today so that we can taylor a program to meet your needs.

    (630) 779-3957 or (630) 552-9625

    As an artists, I strive to reproduce vibrant and exciting images that reflect the exact characteristics of the original piece of work. It is this process that I intended to share with all my customers. I have searched for materials and developed a process for me to achieve those goals. I am always looking at new technologies and when available, will incorporate them into the process.

    We are always open to your feedback and suggestions to improve out business. You can send us your suggestion via email feedback@pro-active.us We encourage your feedback and look forward to establishing a partnership with you to help INCREASE YOUR PROFITS.
    Think out of the box and start discovering new potential.

    You won't pay extra for the topcoating of your canvases!

    Why pay the same price for multiple prints?

    We offer a discount on:

    • Multiple image captures
      Multiple Slide replication
      Multiple prints from the same image
  • Call us Today so we can taylor a package to meet your needs.

    (630) 779-3957 or (630) 552-9625
    See for yourself the benefits other artist like yourself are utilizing!


    (630) 779-3957 or (630) 552-9625

    We not only capture the digital images from your images, we will also take your digital images and prepare them for printing.

    Photographers can prepare the images by cropping & cleaning them or let us prepare the images to us.

    We can pickup & deliver your images or prints.

    We allow all our prints at least 72 hr curing time. Canvas prints require another 72 hours for the topcoat to cure properly.

    How would you like to earn CASH or Credit to your next purchase just by telling your friends about our service?

    If you like our services why not tell your friend. You can collect cash or use the credit towards:
    • Banners for your show booth
      Your next order
    We start by understanding the needs of our clients and partner with them to reproduce their works that meet or exceed their expectations.

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