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That right! Earn $10.00 for every referral you send to us. The monies can be used for your next order or turned into cash.

You know other artist!

If you display your work at shows you definitely know other artist! You are networking with others all the time. I will pay you a one time referral fee for each person you send to us to do their printing.

EVERYONE is eligible: Here is all you need to be eligible:
  1. Sign up for an account with us.
  2. Wait for an email telling you your account has been created
  3. Log into our web site to verify your information
  4. Tell everyone!
  5. When the person creates their own account on our system, they need to select your name from the referral list.
  6. When that person orders there first print, you get the credit added to your account.

You can even use your $$$$ for signage for your Store or Booth.
Start your savings today ...      Register with us and start telling all your friends.
We guarantee the quality of our work so you can recommend us with confidence.